i all,

You all know by now that it is my very nature to make the good things I discover known to all, so here goes again:

I bought a new SSD for my Audya from AJ some while ago. After installing it, my Audya started to refuse to start up 1st time every time I start it. The small SSD connection to existing ribbon cable was the problem. AJ fixes this inhouse by applying a drop of silicon clue on the connector, which he could off course could not do for me.

Without me nagging at all, I received a parcel yesterday with a special connector, electronics & all, that fits much more snugly to the tiny SSD connector - no charge, not even for postage!

For those who do not know, my older Audya could not be upgraded with more memory, the sound board would not allow for it. When I ordered my new SSD from AJ, to my utmost surprise, it came with a new soundboard with the extra memory already installed & a note to say I could pay him over the next two months for it. The price quoted was extremely reasonable based on the blind trust that he would receive my soundboard back in return.

Honestly, I say once again, his service is 2nd to none. Whatever Ketron lacks in customer support & relations, AJ makes up for it. I will purchase all my new Ketron products direct from him, Ajamsonic upgrade already installed & all. And I highly motivate potential Ajamsonic Ketron customers to do same. You will NOT be disappointed!

Don't let ANYONE convince you of poor Ketron support. I just informed you how to receive the best support possible. And keep in mind, I purchased my Audya 2nd hand from a friend...

All the best my friends,

Make sure you'll fly forever!