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#37248 - 10/30/10 11:02 AM Re: Ketron Support and SZ, what are you guys playing at???
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It sounds like we are coming around full circle to the dealer again.

I like to save money like the next guy, but have to keep in mind who I buy it from. In my case, the dealer is 1200 miles from me, but has the reputation of taking care of problems. The next best solution is to buy from a person like Tonewheel, but that option was not open to me either.

I labored long and hard about the different brands, and knew I was more apt to have a problem with Audya than, Yamaha, for example. The problem is that no other keyboard sounds like the Audya, so I paid my money and took my chances, knowing I had a dealer to help me if I got in trouble.

Fortunately, I fell into the majority.
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#37249 - 10/30/10 11:08 AM Re: Ketron Support and SZ, what are you guys playing at???
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Originally posted by Tonewheeldude:
You have to remember Dusan, that this forum only reflects a tiny, tiny percentage of Audya owners. To every one of you with a problem here there are likely a few hundred without. So whilst in your mind the Audya is globally unreliable, the truth is there are only a tiny few with problems and there owners generally find themselves together on forums such as this which rates highly on the search engines.

What I still can't understand is why some who have problems will not chase their retailer and distributor until they get the problem sorted, but instead come here and complain about terrible support from the manufacturer (who have assigned distributors to look after you).

I get it that if you cant work out how to do something its fun to use a board like this, however you paid your retailer and distributor for that same support - why not make use of it instead of becoming frustrated because Ketron Italy don't read synthzone and therefore don't care about you?

again,I am not tiny percent of Ketron Audya users.Maby you see me like that cos you look at me from UK.I am a user who spend 4000 Euro for 60% working machine.All what i read on that and ather forums make me crasy for one reason:Ketron guys dont read SZ forum(that can anderstand-read Play Boy),Ketron guys dont respond on E-mails,their official site is the same months ago,if I anderstand you well:Ketron guys comunicate only with deallers,users HAW problems with their instruments,for updates to solve problems with software must weight months,and etc.
What on the end you say your coustomers if Ketron stop to work on Audya76,and ouer mchines stay withaut software updates,stay withaut new styles and sounds.Dont forget,Audya is stell half madet kayboard and with some updates is four years from naw,simply can say the same...What you say?What you do?Then I think dont be tiny percent,then can be a HUGE percent of not setisfie users.Allso in UK.

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