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#37043 - 10/21/10 10:24 AM Not the best day
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When I turned on my Audya today, there was no output at all. Can't tell if there was any ERROR message, was not watching while OS was loading.
Restart and the output was OK, but left sound (not channel) missing. Another restart and it was OK again. Later, while playing vocalizer drops out, kept on playing, came back OK later, without doing anything special. Audya was turned off for a few hours. (long break) When I turned on again left sound was missing again, a restart again and it was OK. I just wonder why do this happen. The KB has not been moved this week, has not been connected to PC, not done any editing, just used for playing. Will there ever come a time when we can trust this KB. I have used the Audya only for OMB gigs, this weekend I was going to use it playing with the band, not so sure anymore.

#37044 - 10/21/10 11:30 AM Re: Not the best day
Dusan Offline

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like I am inform that cinde of troubles dont exsist in UK.If you live in some ather world outside from UK,then all your troubles is normal...and yes,dont complain cos that forum is not Ketron official forum and guys from Italy dont read not official forums.

I know exsactly haw you fealling and I am outside from UK.

#37045 - 10/21/10 02:19 PM Re: Not the best day
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That's a bummer for sure. Sorry to hear of your troubles.
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#37046 - 10/22/10 05:17 AM Re: Not the best day
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Is there NO END to these AUDIO OUT PROBLEMS?

Here I thought you were doing pretty good with your Audya.

Just last night, I had the same problem!

I turned on the keyboard, prior to playing the gig, both Left & Right channels were fine. About 20 minutes later when we started our first set, the LEFT channel out was completely gone!

I rebooted and then both channels were there but the output volume was REALLY LOUD. I had to adjust my mixer volume controls down to compensate for the loud output.

The Audya then played FLAWLESSLY all night.

Like you,this audio out problem is driving me NUTS!

I wish I had an answer on how to FIX it!!!!!

I'm leaning toward thinking this is a Software problem, not a hardware problem.

However, it could be a combination of both.

Whatever the cause or causes are, it's VERY DIFFICULT to Troubleshoot because the problem is sporadic.

The Left out problem and the Vocal Harmonizer problem seem to be connected.

If I remember correctly, I believe you have replaced every piece of HARDWARE in your keyboard! This also supports my leaning toward thinking it is a Software glitch.

However, if that is the case, ALL THE AUDYA'S should be having the same problems.

I will forward this post to AJ and see if I can get a response. AJ and KETRON I'm sure are WELL AWARE of this!

Hang in there SKUDE, hopefully we'll get some answers and get this problem resolved!

In the meantime,REBOOT.....REBOOT.....REBOOT.....or give the SON OF A BITCH a SWIFT KICK!!!!!



#37047 - 10/22/10 06:58 AM Re: Not the best day
skude Offline

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My Audya has worked quite good for several weeks, I have been very happy even though I have to reboot about 3 out of 10 times to get the left sound to work. But things are changing all the time, and you never know what comes up next. Yes, I have replaced most everything inside my Audya, but even after that I had problems. Then came the big update and for me it was like starting with a new KB, really loved it. I had to do a lot of work on my reg's. After the update all my regs had the wrong left sound, it was now linked to a wrong voicebank, always to the bank below the one it should link to. Much work! From time to time I got that Int.Phase Error message. I have also at startup a problem with the default piano sound. There is some modulation on, like the wheel is on a little. To get it back to normal I have to pick another voice I.E. organ, and than go back to the piano voice, now it sounds fine. This happens at every startup. Also working with voice list I suddenly get names changed on some preset voices. For this one I got help from pastroccio, so now I know how to get into preset voices to change it back.
I think most of these issues is related to software in some way, and it's sad. When I play live with this KB the styles and also the sounds are really great, the best sounding I think. Let's hope for the future.
I know the ON/OFF switch on the Audya is the best ever made on any KB

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