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#368212 - 06/28/13 08:38 AM Re: One of my Gig Setups [Re: hammer]
DonM Online   elvis
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Thanks Mark,
One of the things I have done right is this:
From the first song I ever learned in a band, and this goes back to the 60's, I wrote down the lyrics with chords above the changes.
I kept them in a note book. It grew to a dozen notebooks over the next 25 years, plus fake books. When home computers came around, I redid the entire stack into a word processor.
Now there are thousands of songs on my master list (also on laptop, tablet, keyboards and several USB devices for backup).
In MS Word, or Open Office, I can sort them by name, artist, genre, etc., and within seconds have the list in front of me.
Of course most nights, I don't even look at any screen and do everything from memory except off-the-wall requests.
I use the Songbook feature on Korg, Registrations on Yamaha or Ketron and Performances on Roland to scroll through or search, select the next song and have everything ready to go with one button push.
Ain't technology wonderful??? smile

#368221 - 06/28/13 09:41 AM Re: One of my Gig Setups [Re: hammer]
travlin'easy Offline
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Here's the PSR-3000 MFD I have in my backup keyboard. The file can be viewed in another PSR-3000, or you can download a copy of Michel Bedesem's MF View program, which will allow you to convert it to any Yamaha arranger keyboard.

You can download the MFD file from Here.

You'll find Michael Bedesem's MF View program Here.

There are just under 600 songs in the MFD program and I have at least that many or more in registrations.

Like Don, I rarely look at the lyrics anymore, unless someone comes up with an off the wall request. And, also like Don, at one time I had a dozen fake books, and at least a half-dozen 3-inch loose-leaf binders filled to capacity with lyrics and chord sheets printed from the PC. All that and much, much more now fit into that tiny Netbook PC - Lord how I love music technology and the changes it has brought to my life.


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