Hi - I am contemplating buying a Roland VR-09 combo keyboard. I see that it has jacks for a footswitch and an expression pedal, plus it can accomodate a PK6 or PK9 set of bass/footpedals. The PK6/PK9 has 2 momentary switches on it, which the keyboard will recognize, and to which one can assign a variety of functions.

I would like to find a way to add 2 more footswtiches by doing the appropriate wiring to connect them to the PK6/PK9 pedalboard input. All I need is a 'pin-out' diagram, so that I can wire them appropriately. I wonder if the 2 footswitches on the PK pedal units are simply hard-wired to specific pins, or if they are sending some matrixed data or MIDI data etc. from the PKs.

My hope is to have a total of 4 programmable footswitches on my VR-09, rather than just 2. I think it should be do-able.

Can any one help?
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