Hi Guys,

Much has been, talked here about quality control, KBs in particular. Last week I went on a factory tour of Mitsubishi Scotland UK, they make air-conditioning condensing units, from there they are shipped all over the World. Every step of the production and where required sub assembly parts are tested over and over again, and then to top it all when the units are finished the completed unit is fully tested again, only then is it packed for shipping. They do not sample test like some AC manufactures; some just pull one out of ten from the line and test.
There view is simple, a condenser may end up in Australia the other side of the World, Mitsubishi by 100% testing have narrowed down the chance of a failure, bad for their reputation and costly if you need to pull one back from 1000s of mile away.
Incidentally, their product development team rule the Scottish factory with a rod of iron, they win all the battles with production.
Just a thought, pity they donít make KBs.
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