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#3505 - 01/12/05 04:33 AM Where have all the keyborad players gone

Come on all you keyboard players out there in the East Midlands. We know that you are there somewhere. Shops have been selling loads of those synthy things for Xmas – so someone somewhere is buying them! Are you all in such really great bands that you don’t want to leave, or are you just festering in your bedrooms and going blind while hawking at your computers and knocking out “techno tunes” that no one wants to hear?

Since I own a keyboard and therefore speak from personal experience, I know that keyboard players are normally nerds with no friends, and an unhealthy obsession with computers and their dead mother - who they have preserved in the basement. However,surely there must be someone “human” (or even close), that wants to keep music totally live, and rock and funk out. So who will save us from using a click track and a backing CD, while getting well paid for the privilege and having some fun?

We are one of the East Midland’s top 5-piece party bands and we require a top quality keyboard player to rehearse and start gigging as soon as possible. We are a semi-pro band, playing dance and chart covers regularly, for top agents, all at some of the biggest and best venues throughout the UK at the weekends and to the very highest standard. This is a great gig. So where are you all?

Get out of that bedroom and stop going blind.

Come and audition for us.

Check out our website at:

Tel: 0115- 9206381
Mob: 07881 – 737300



#3506 - 01/27/05 12:45 PM Re: Where have all the keyborad players gone
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Actually I'm in Canada, eh?!!


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