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#351124 - 09/14/12 01:05 AM Re: naughty KN7000 [Re: Dave L.]
Dave L. Offline

Registered: 08/27/12
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Harry the K7 keyboard now states its 1.6
Upgraded from 1.4

#351279 - 09/17/12 09:07 PM Re: naughty KN7000 [Re: Dave L.]
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Registered: 08/27/12
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Latest tests done today on our sick KN7000.
SAD to say no reversal of Midi and Tech modes.
KN7000 successfully upgrade to 1.6
Tests carried out 1 to 12 according to Service manual from Page 27.
Test reveil that the EEROM [ Flash Memory ] may be in trouble.
The originally supplied floppy [INITIAL DATA DISK ] when put in the k7 shows as MIDI when you load it.
Which means it can't correct to factory settings of the Panel Memory . Etc.

Also fingered mode not there when playing with the split Keyboard---- Only every second Panel memory working
Recorded songs all want to play at 300 speed .
Any other suggestions comments welcome especially how to clear the Flash Memory.
Anyone know where a Flash memory part can be purchased ?.
Thanks for those that have participated in this thread of more than 700 hits.
Dave L.

#351371 - 09/19/12 04:23 PM Re: naughty KN7000 [Re: Dave L.]
Audrey Turner Offline
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Loc: Cambridge, Cambs, England
Another thought:
I was wondering whether your Initial Data Disk is corrupted? Have you got a friend who will let you try his/hers? If not, I will have a go at making a copy of my own Initial Data disk to send to you if you think it will help.


#351374 - 09/19/12 07:59 PM Re: naughty KN7000 [Re: Dave L.]
Dave L. Offline

Registered: 08/27/12
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Thanks Audrey for your latest thoughts--- obviously you are showing a friendly concern.
Actually I have 2 original 'Initial Data disks '

At the moment our thoughts are around the 'Flash Memory'
We have been able to get the part number from the Service manual.
Audrey, the parts addresses that you sent as an attachment have replied only this morning and they have the suspect part
Seems like you have to have floppies to reload the replaced Technics Floppy Memory according to the manual----may-be they come with the New Part -- still waiting for further confirmation as to Forum Brain Boxes .
Has any Forum Member ever replaced the Flash Memory

Dave L.

#351817 - 09/28/12 01:08 PM Re: naughty KN7000 [Re: Dave L.]
Dave L. Offline

Registered: 08/27/12
Posts: 64
LATEST THINKING on the Naughty KN 7000 from the sad owners,
This is our first ever experience of listing a question on this Technics Forum.
My wife and I thank all those that have dug deep in their thoughts and have willingly suggested different tests and suggestions.
1362 viewes in less than 5 weeks seems that there has been a lot of interest---- so maybe there will be some that have learnt something from this listing.
Many times I have told Technics users that you can't hurt a Technics product as you have the initialising system.
Well in the case of the Naughty KN7000 seems like there is no hope for the latest case of a death warrant being issued.
We have been able to buy back another K7 we use to own.
The unfixable K7 will go to our olocal 12 year old Grandaugher that is learning the piano.
The Naughty KN7000 still will play as a straight sound like a piano or another instrument------anything using a rhythm is absolutely out of the question from the discording and loss of bodily functions.

Now that has to be a better solution than digging a hole or using it as a door step.

Perhaps Mr Technics [nee Panasonic ] will pay us a visit with a Brand new KN8000 one day. ----OH YEA ----
NOW this topic will go to the top of the list so we will look to see if anyone else is shedding a tear..

Dave and Viv L [ in New Zealand ]

#351825 - 09/28/12 03:51 PM Re: naughty KN7000 [Re: Dave L.]
lahawk Offline
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Loc: Lehigh Valley, Pa.

Have you ever asked a music / electronic store for a repair estimate? In my local area, for a small fee, a technician at a local repair shop will attempt, and almost always offer a solution to the problem.

I'm not that advanced technician guy, but to me it sounds like a flash memory burn out, and it may be repairable. That's just a guess, you need an expert to run physical tests to determine the exact cause of your problem.

In any case, nice to see someone can make some use of your "naughty 7000", and I suppose all Technics keyboards will eventually end up retiring to a similar fate, but for now, they just go on, and on, and on... Must have been built well. grin

" Always Do Whatever's Next "

#351830 - 09/28/12 05:42 PM Re: naughty KN7000 [Re: Dave L.]
Dave L. Offline

Registered: 08/27/12
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Hi Larry,
Yes we have done what you suggested but its in the too hard Basket for the local organ repair man. since its more to do with the computer side.

My computer repair man and I were considering exchange suspect parts over on the 2 K7's to prove a point.
We don't want both keyboards faulty so my last email stated the best way to go for us at the moment

Actually a parts dept in the UK. said they had a new Flash Memory [$160 NZ ]--- the Service manual said that you need discs to reprogram the necessary info.Don't know if they are with the new part.

Seeing the problems seems to be varied we have gone for the easy way out as we don't know is a flash memory is to blame for all things that are incorrect.

ie. Midi and tech modes reversed
wants to play every recorded music at 300 speed
Vol for right sound 1 and 2 won't respond
APC light ON all the time and you can't select the Fingered mode
Panel momort jumps to every 2nd number.
Seems like no one else has heard of our problem.
Thanks anyway for showing an interest.
Dave L.

#351968 - 10/01/12 01:30 PM Re: naughty KN7000 [Re: Dave L.]
Dave L. Offline

Registered: 08/27/12
Posts: 64
Hello again from the owner of the Naughty KN7000.
Come on TECHNICS buffs.
In 5 weeks there has been 1820 viewers with 26 replies.
A few more will make it 2000 and then NIGEL will put a flame icon to it.
I will add a further comment that I haven't already given.

Before the K7 misbehaved I was guilty of checking out some floppy discs that had KN7000 styles on them that came from a distant contact.--- Probably most of us have done that from time to time.
I have now heard from a friend in New Zealand that some years ago 2 owners of KN5000 [?]-- in a Keyboard Club-- had used and swapped a obvious suspect disc and both keyboards crashed.
I don't know to what degree BUT surely there are out there Technics users that have heard or experienced a simmilar fate
and how many discovered a remedy.
My wife and I are grateful for the helps so far.
We as owners are the sufferers, so lets keep this alive for a while longer, yet in the hope that it will be somehow a help or even warning to others.
[1] Midi and Tech Modes reversed.
[2] Won't select Fingered mode [ hence discords ]
[3] APC stays lit all the time.
[4] Wants to play all recorded songs at a 300 speed.
[5] Only every 2nd panel memory button works.
[6] Performance pad green light stays lit all the time.

Seems like the internal FLASH MEMORY has been the only suggested culprit from sme viewers.
Lets see how long it is before Nigel puts his 2000 Viewers flame to this post.

However the KN7000 can still be played perfectly as a straight PIANO.

Thanks again from Dave L.

#352077 - 10/03/12 01:07 AM Re: naughty KN7000 [Re: Dave L.]
RMepstead Offline
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Loc: Wootton Bassett - Wiltshire - ...
Bet you can't remember which floppy discs that had KN7000 styles on them that came from a distant contact.--- you were last using before everything went wrong?
Roger M

#352080 - 10/03/12 01:58 AM Re: naughty KN7000 [Re: Dave L.]
Dave L. Offline

Registered: 08/27/12
Posts: 64
Thanks Roger for that suggestion,

That thought is really a long shot.
As the keyboard hasn't been used much in the last couple of months after I had a hand op. I can't be sure what day it faltered.
I was given several discs and they sure won't get in a keyboard again unless they are formated.

I presume once a floppy is formatted it is clear to re-use ?

I did have pleasure in destroying maybe the last disc I had put in the now presumably corrupt KN 7000 Instrument -----
I have however been able to re- purchase a K7 that we gave to our grandchildren and they now have our KN1000
At the moment our thinking is to let our faulty KN7000 go to our 12 year old local Grandaugher as she is starting to learn the piano----- It will play a single instrument OK as long as no rhymth is used.

Rog I will email you a photo of our set-up
Dave L.

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