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#344072 - 04/25/12 03:47 PM Is the era of Audya finished?
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It's interesting to note that Yamaha are asking in the maifiordum "what we want". As this forum aside from some news from Ketron uk is totally lacking and void pin excitement and development from Ketron Italy, I ask the question "Is the era of Audya over?"

The complete lack of development by Ketron , and this was always my biggest fear is opening doors to other manufacturers to run with the vision. Is the Operating System so finished it's exhausted it's usability. Should Ketron be looking at a total revamp of the OS , as it looks as though at least Yamaha are consulting with the community and Ketron are not.

I mean even a refit upgrade in Ketron of board and sound card to much higher standards, would be a cheaper upgrade, if it gets us moving in a positive direction with new developments. How about a pc program that allows a much better structure to create, mix change and develop new styles, sounds and deeper programming and so on.

I still have my Ketron Audya, still love it, but wonder how long it will be before it gets covered in cobwebs and not a sellable item at any price.

Your opinions please?

#344073 - 04/25/12 05:58 PM Re: Is the era of Audya finished? [Re: Robbo]
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I don't have Audya,and I think Ketron support is terrible.
But,they did try something new unlike the other guys that just repack old into new and adds few more styles.

What Ketron needs is better tech guys to build new OS.

Is Yamaha listening??Maybe. Will they bring arranger keyboard to the new level? I don't think so.And that is because they aim for home user players and not gigging musicians,and professionals.

But I do believe they are the only one that can bring arrangers to the next level,only if they want to.

Are they listening?? I don't think so.


#344075 - 04/25/12 09:56 PM Re: Is the era of Audya finished? [Re: Robbo]
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What has it been, almost five years since Ketron introduced the Audya? Other than the OS glitches most of us have experienced, I must say the Audya still outshines the latest and greatest from Yamaha and Korg.

Yamaha seems content with what they are producing with the same old use of midi, as with Korg also. I recently spent a day playing both the Tyros 4 and the PA3X Pro.

As far as sound quality, I couldn't hear much difference compared to my old PSR3000 and PA80.

The Audya, on the other hand, is a LIVE IN YOUR FACE Arranger with very little room for improvement.

Never, in my 40 years of playing professionally have I had such an awesome piece of machinery under my fingertips!

If you listen and play both the T4 and Pa3x by themselves, they are great sounding arrangers, especially the T4. But if you combine either on stage with the Audya...well...they just can't compete.

Unfortunately for most local musicians, the days of the 4,5,6,7,8 piece bands are all but gone. It's difficult to find Venue's who will pay a respectable wage per musician.

For us Singles, Duo's and Trio's, the Audya produces a sound as close as your going to get to a larger band. That is what I LOVE about the Audya.

For live on stage performances, the Audya is NUMBER 1 in my book!

Can and will Ketron improve the Audya's capabilities? I'm sure they can, and hope they will. I'll be first in line to buy one if they do.

In the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy the hundreds of compliments I receive every week on the Audya's sound! I'll also continue having a blast playing the BEST Arranger ever made!


#344923 - 05/19/12 04:22 AM Re: Is the era of Audya finished? [Re: Robbo]
Tonewheeldude Offline

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I have been quiet on SZ having been to a few exhibitions with Ketron and KeyB and I thought you might like to know our experience here in the UK. 2012 has been very different to previous years and there was a huge buzz around the Ketron Stand and our concerts have filled the rooms and out into the hallways. Over and over again we had comments on the fresh and lifelike sound. At the end of 2011 we thought the Audya was petering out a little, but actually what I believe is happening is an "ear evolution". We are recognizing that the other manufacturers sounds are dated, wheras the Audya remains as new sounding as it did when first released.

In the 1980s, the DX7, Korg M1, Technics U series and Yamaha C and D series sounded amazing, but now they sound dated and only have a passing interest as retro instruments or vintage keys. In the 1990s the AR100, Atelier and Hammond XT/XH was at the cutting edge of sound reproduction for the Organ world, and yet now we wouldn't give them the time of day (except maybe the Hammond for its drawbars). After that, the KN 7000, Tyros One and Two, Ketron SD1 and PA1/2X were considered to have the most realistic sounds and yet only The Ketron is still widely used by performers across Europe, the others are bargain basement keyboards for those on a budget or beginners....our ears have evolved.

So has Audya had its day? Unless the other manufacturers use real audio for styles (and I don't mean 'pretend' to as one other manufacturer is) with at least 4 or 8 bar patterns for each arranger part (as the Audya has) then the question is..have the others had their day?

Like Nitelife, i still find the Audya as exciting as it was on the day after delivery to our premises two and a half years ago.

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#344926 - 05/19/12 06:49 AM Re: Is the era of Audya finished? [Re: Robbo]
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Hi Tonewheeldude

All the Ketron owners I have spoken too, say they keep their instruments because they cant sell them, (Nobody wants them except for next door to nothing) and dealers either refuse, or give them peanuts in part exchange.

Which other manufacture uses audio styles, as apart from Wersi with its Real Drum Loops (Which never caught on and pretty much remain the same as when first launched 12 years ago) I cant think of another. (And in reality just adding drum loops is not really a true audio style)


English Riviera:
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#344932 - 05/19/12 08:52 AM Re: Is the era of Audya finished? [Re: abacus]
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Seems like few music stores carry arranger keyboards. They mostly carry Motif, some Roland Synths etc. Talking with folks in the music stores (Wash, DC, Albuquerque, NM), they don't sell very many arrangers compared to Motifs etc.

I've spent hours comparing the Ketron to Pa3x and Tyros 4 watching youtube videos. While the audio is not great quality, when I hear the Audya there is a very noticable difference. I've even shown it to others who instantly recognize the difference. Audya sounds much better!

As far as resale, I think any piece of electronic equipment takes a hit. I've seen this with Yamaha, Korg and others on ebay and Craigslist.

#344934 - 05/19/12 09:35 AM Re: Is the era of Audya finished? [Re: Robbo]
Tonewheeldude Offline

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One guy we spoke to had a Tyros 4 and wanted to PX it in for an Audya, the problem is it will only sell for around 2500 even with the correct Yamaha stand and speakers which is what he was offered against an Audya, but his keyboard still has a RRP over 4000 so it wasn't enough for him and he is going to try and sell it himself. We took a few P/X's to the last exhibition to move on: two Tyros 3 priced at 1599 including Yamaha stand and Yamaha speakers and there was absolutely no interest at all, we also had a Tyros II for 995 with Yamaha speakers which we let go for 820 in the end just to get shot of the thing. So your both very right, devaluation is a very real issue.

We will stick them on ebay just to clear them as normal, but as a retailer its really hard to get back what people want in p/x, plus you have to repair and guarantee the things.

Audya come up rarely for sale second hand in the UK as most go to pro players, but when they do come up on ebay they sell between 2500 and 3000 depending on how well the listing is put together. There are a couple on there at the moment but the seller looks a bit dubious, I doubt I would trust him with a few thousand of my pounds. (disclaimer: this is my personal opinion based on the feeling i get from the listing and his hidden feedback, he maybe perfectly trustworthy)


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