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#34014 - 03/12/09 07:50 PM Re: SD5 Version
hbinfo2001 Offline

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Hi Don,can you tell me whats wrong with the jump buttom because I have the same version 1.0B .
For the Audya John Gunnar is right because I know a person that is very close to Ketron that I cannot name.But its true there are selling the Audya in europe and with a upgrade,but Ketron is still working to finalize the Audya and when the final version will be finish there will send it to US.Follow the advise from Gunnar he is right.
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#34015 - 03/12/09 09:38 PM Re: SD5 Version
DonM Online   elvis
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Well, the Jump button doesn't do anything. Makes no difference if it is on or off.
The box in the Left Menu can be checked to assign the intro/ending buttons to intro, no matter when you press them.
You must uncheck it to make the buttons do endings.
The Jump button doesn't do anything regardless of whether the box is checked or unchecked.

#34016 - 03/13/09 10:43 AM Re: SD5 Version
Gunnar Jonny Offline
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On SD1 the jump function works nice, just have it active, then i.e. press
intro or ending instead of fill and see/hear what happens.
A friend have a SD5, and jump-function now works as supposed.
But it was something that have to be done in the settings. I did ask AJ
about it some time ago.
Sorry I cannot find the mail, and don't remember what there was to do in
the SD5 settings.
Maybe AJ see this and care to carify?

Happy Playing

Found more here, I knew it was something about it somwhere:

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