In case of an issue with your Ketron instrument here is what you need to do:

1) Locate your Model and serial number
2) find out what Operating System version you are running (displayed during boot up)
3) Call your retailer. If they refuse to help then:
4) visit and find out who the distributor is in the Country YOU PURCHASED the instrument from (this may not be the same as the country you live in). This information is on the link: "Distributors & Support"
5) telephone or email the distributor with a detailed description of the problem.

In Addition:
1)If you have an Audya; as well as the OS version, also mention the last USB update performed. (currently 2010 or 2011).
2) include the results of a checksum test as follows:
______a) Hold F1 during power up
______b) Make a note of any FAILED tests THEN Press F5 to continue
______c) Press F2 (DSP0)
______d) Press the ENTER button to run a full test
______e) Make a note of the numbers in the right hand column along with any message (ERR or OK)

3) and also include alltabs checksum:
______a) Turn On the Audya normally and wait for the instrument to reach the normal play screen.
______b) Press F5 and USER 1/6 touch buttons
______c) Press the FORWARD touch button
______d) checksum is displayed on the lower left of screen (along with OK or ERR)

The factory WILL ASK for this information so do it first to speed things up.

Please note: due to an error in the test program (I know - the irony). F2 will likely show a false error. The correct checksum is 88F51D49 however you should still include the information in your report.

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