Hi Frank,
sorry, I keep forgetting to check ther other forums, I mainly just log into the general arranger forum.

I don't really use my software arrangers much, but Varranger does a good job on the Ketron styles. It does play Yamaha styles , but I wouldn't pay that sort of money, to JUST play yammie styles. For me it was worth it to get access to Ketron styles again.
For Ketron you do need a ketron soundsource like an sd2. The Live Drums won't work with a gm soundsource. I own an sd2, but i also bought Norbet's ( LiveStyler) sd2 soundset on DVD. From memory I think they'e individual soundfonts, haven't gotten round to trying to put them into a useable bank yet.
best wishes

SX900, P121 Piano, PA800, Band in a Box 2019
V Arranger/Ketron SD2