I'm looking for a way the suspension pedal on my Audya will affect not only notes played by the right hand but also by the left. Does anyone know how?

The Pianist mode doesn't help me here because it doesn't let my right hand to play a dissonant note (a note I don't want to be belonged to the chord) right at the start of pressing the suspension pedal, since it takes any note as part of the chord to be recognized.

So I need to use the regular mode where the chord is recognized by only the notes played by left hand. But then I have to either freeze my left hand or always play the entire chord I need the arranger to recognize. But I'd like it to be able to move between individual notes without affecting the harmony rather than always being restricted to playing chords in blocks.

So it seems the way to solve it would be to get the suspension pedal to affect also the chords and lower voices. In this way I'll need to play the entire chord only at the beginning of pressing the pedal, thus freeing the left hand to do other things until the harmony needs to be changed, and letting the right hand to play the dissonants freely as much as it wants

Any idea on this?