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#33230 - 02/28/03 07:29 AM Speaking of wav use for the SD1.......
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Yes. It IS a very cool feature, and I'm not using it yet because the very CONFUSING manual explanation daunted me. I have to admit that AJ's post regarding it was still greek to me too.

I would love to see it laid out in a very clear, "wav recording for dummies" format. :-)

The biggest confusion I had was understanding how you record in relation to the midi file. Can you PLAY the midi file while you're recording the audio so you can match the two together? That would seem to be the only sensible way to do it, but I was getting the impression you CAN'T do that.

Please elaborate if anyone understands this feature.


#33231 - 02/28/03 10:33 AM Re: Speaking of wav use for the SD1.......
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I think that the best way to go would be to record a rhytm pattern that matches the midifile, both in style and in tempo.
Remember that George Michael song that incorporated a sampled groove played by James Brown's drummer Clyve Stubblefield? Maybe not, but anyway my point is that James Brown has been one of the most exploited artists, because his old records are full of exposed grooves (i.e. not covered by other sounds) played by his drummer. That's the reason why today nobody is playing a drums or percussion solo on a CD anymore and, if they ever do that, they always make sure that there is another sounds layered -like a brass or a synth pad- to avoid being sampled and used by some rapper.
(Imagine being able to sample a percussion pattern from a Santana CD and use it synced to a latin style or midifile!)
Aside from that, you can find commercial CDs full of rhytm grooves suited to be looped; all you have to do is sample one that you like and that matches the tempo of your midifile and then sync them together; if you isolate the sampled groove of one of the Ketron styles and listen to it carefully you will understand what I mean: there are styles where they sampled and synced just a drummer playing a riff on his hi-hat, in a crescendo-decrescendo pattern, very difficult to emulate in a sequence.
Other styles have just a sampled noise, that however greatly adds to the overall realism of the style itself (for example, I think that in "Flamenca" they sampled just someone clapping his hands the way a Mariachi player would do).
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#33232 - 02/28/03 02:12 PM Re: Speaking of wav use for the SD1.......
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Kendall ,

Please email me at . I will send you an example oh how wav. sync can work .

Wav. 's need to be loaded into ram . The same way you replace a sound in a midi sequence , you can replace that sound with a wav. file . Go to GM mode , select channel , press ram button and use the Function buttons to assign the wav.

Now do you sample , than save and incorporated that wav. into a sequence ...without having to use software ?

Well , Software ( all ketron engineer's use steinberg) is the best way to utilize the wav. sync feature . But ...let me see if I can give you some direction .

#1. You need to know the tempo of the style or midi sequence in order to incorporate a wav. into one the midi tracks . Timing is everything and it takes getting use to the sampler .
I have sang a harmonized phrase for 8 seconds . You can set the vocal setting to 02 ( Right) . You need to know the pitch of the tune , proper chord changes etc be able to sing the part .

press sampler button , use F2 to choose the desired length of the sample , use your hand to play the proper chord , Press F10 to start , and start singing .

Once the sample has been completed , you have the ability to use the Function buttons to edit your sample . Kind of screw around with the different capabilities .
If you look at F7 + F8 . Press F7 and change it to fixed . You also have the ability to transpose the pitch with F8 .

So let's say you are happy with the sample .

You have to name the sample the same title as the midi file . The Sd1 will automatically place that saved sample into the master folder 94 .

You will need to load the desired sample to be able to have access to the sample .

Play a midi file and press F1 for GM parts .
Choose a track and while it is highlighted , press the ram button and select the sample .

I am missing a few steps for sure , but this explanation will hopefully get you in the right direction .

It is also possible to assign a sample to a style . More on that later . Let me know if this helps .
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