Some comments on the VEGA (OS 2.0a) (where is 3.0?):

1) The Default Startup Save feature doesn't work as indicated. I set the VEGA with all the setting I want, and I try saving with Startup Save (in Utility menu) so it defaults to that upon power up, but it never works. It ignores the present settings. Anyone have success with this feature? I tried all different variations with no luck.

2) Why is it so difficult to use Registrations? You have to go through at least 3 steps to enable you to use the numeric buttons to call up any Registration, and then you cannot switch styles unless you DISABLE the registration option, again 3 steps. Can't it be assigned to a (user selected) dedicated button? I know the XD9 is supposed to have this, but can't this be a simple enhancement to the VEGA in the software (like TAP/Count).

Also, it would be nice if you could view the registration names on both sides of the screen (like styles and sounds) and choose them with the Function buttons. Now you have to memorize the numbers of your registrations and hope you choose right, while the audience is standing and watching.

3) It would also be nice to have a "BACKUP ALL" option in the Save to Disk menu. Now I have to double and triple check that I got everything (styles, registrations, settings, etc.) backed up before I load other stuff or reset.

4) In pattern edit, I miss the feature from the KN (oops) where you could see the midi events on a screen and can delete one at a time. Great if you hit too many drum notes at once and don't know which to delete with the Note Delete.

5) The Ending button operation is weird. A simple method might be to press once for ending 1, twice for ending two, etc. Now you have to be in that variation to get the right ending, making you sometimes add an extra measure for nothing.

6) The Ritard/Acell doesn’t work from the TAP button. Why on the XD-9 it does and here not?

7) It would be nice to allow users to dedicate a button to turn on and off harmonies. Now it's buried in menus.

This is my wish list for the next VEGA OS Version:
• "Backup All" function for floppy disk
• Switch floppy for Zip disk drive
• See registration names on both sides of screen to select with function buttons so I don't have to memorize numbers.
• Ability to save more patterns without running out of space.
• Small digital time clock and timer on main display to show time of set and gig
• Easier access to 2nd voice during playing.
• Ending button to operate like this: Press once for first ending, twice for second, etc.
• Assign Harmony on/off to button
• Create custom Harmonies (1,3,5; 3,5,1; 1,3, etc.)
• Rit/Accel function
• One-button sounds configuration stay across multiple patters/registrations

Go get 'em...