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Congratulation, they are excellent smile
The XD styles are also well balanced and optimized for the Audya, the only drop of bitterness is the location of all
the XD styles: Unplugged section within the User styles.


as Joe gave me the hint where to order the pen in Germany I did it and meanwhile I got the pen.

Installation without any problems ( I had the 4.2B installed 2 weeks ago, as well without any problems ), it took 2:25 hrs.

Prior the first use I did a sector-copy of the Audyas HD ( opening the Audya and connecting the HD via USB to my PC ).

Unfortunately I could test it only via headphones ( my daughter is sleeping laugh ), but 1st impression is a good one wink

If there is somebody interested in I could record a few styles ( if I find a suitable melody for them laugh ) and upload it to my youtube channel. But please give me a few days for that, next weekend Im on duty.

Its now 10:55 PM here, Im tired and going to bed now.
Greetings from East-Frisia ( Northern-Germany )