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#32646 - 12/12/02 11:07 AM Re: to Ketron_AJ: 2 questions about SD1...
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#32647 - 12/12/02 05:46 PM Re: to Ketron_AJ: 2 questions about SD1...
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Pls. see response below:

Ketron_AJ, what setting should I disable on the regis menu? (I only want the microphone always active and the mantain reverb level, so that's what I want to disable on all the registratrions. I don't want to disable the vocalizer settings because I will use it in different ways in some registrations.)
>>>AJ: Go to EFFECTS and disable MICRO and all related to microphone (I am not currently close to any keyboard so might not be as precise).

About the question on my previous post about copying files... can you please answer me?
>>>AJ: Yes I will. Let me copy what I had mentioned before with a slight modification.
>>>AJ: Yes. From the disk menu, press FOLDER (F8) and select the folder you want to copy from. The files within the selected folder will be displayed so select the files you want to copy. Next, press COPY (F7) and select the TARGET folder.

When I start a style with the key start, a style such as "SOUL", when I press a C chord (C-E-G) why do I hear some unwanted noted before the intro begins? is there some parameter I can modify to avoid this?
>>>AJ: Under ARRANGER MODE, you will have to set LOWER mode (F5) to 'OFF on STOP'; this way, no notes are produced prior to starting the arranger.

By the way... about converted MS styles on the SD1, do they sound worse than the others, like the X1 styles?
>>>AJ: No. The internal converter is a lot better for the SD1.


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