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#315603 - 02/07/11 10:14 AM Re: Microphones experience degradation as they age? [Re: travlin'easy]
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Originally Posted By: travlin'easy
Most of today's mics will outlive their owner.

I'll let you know in 40 years! laugh laugh laugh

#315638 - 02/07/11 01:16 PM Re: Microphones experience degradation as they age? [Re: Rfinnshw]
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It used to be the case than condenser mics tended to get weak after a lot of use. Not sure if that is true today. Anyway, the question was about dynamic mics.
Having said this though, I have a couple of EV bicentennial commemorative mics that I bought in 1976. One has my name engraved on it (it was a special offer back then). They are condensers and last time I tried one, it still sounded the same to me.
I'll bet my hearing has deteriorated more than any of the mics.

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