I've been using my X1 on the gig evry night since I got it, and I love it BUT . . . There are stilla few things that need addressing:
1)I need to LOCK out the following items from changing when a drum beat is changed -
VOICE - BASS - EFFECTS - the manual is very weak in this area - anyone find out how to lock the vocalist in for good, so it NEVER changes with program changes????
2)Another "lock-out" function - the VOLUME of the bass & drums. Can I stop them from changing when I pick a new pattern?
3)Any one have a list of the internal sounds and the layers they include? This will aid in the polyphony robbing issue. I could avoid using sounds that are "partial intense"
4)I need the harmonizer to stay in one area ALL the time. It shouldn't matter how I play the chord, the harmonies should maintain their relationship with the original signal as long as the unit is engaged. I get dropouts that seem to be related to the polyphony dropouts. hmmmmmmm, any thoughts?
* * * This is still the best "all in one" unit with speakers on the market. If these lock out issues can be addressed, it'll be a killer! I get along fine, but there are too many times that I need to modify a paramiter when I need to be doing sometrhing else...... like PLAYING & SINGING !

Uncle Dave
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