Anyone using Chicken Sys Translator to make Ensoniq ASR-10 sample disks for a TS-10? Using the trial version of Translator, I can take a WAV file (little blip sound from \Windows\Media folder) and convert it to ASR-10 format. I then use Gieblerís software to put that sample file onto an Ensoniq formatted floppy disk.

The resulting sample disk loads up just fine into my TS-10, but the blip sound is only playing from middle C. I can tune the blip sound so that it really is middle C, but I cannot get it to play that sound chromatically across the other keys of the keybed.

Is that something you can only do on a real ASR-10? Appears that maybe the TS-10 will load the sample, let you tune it, and play it from middle C, but it wonít let you set the sample to play chromatically across the keys?