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#314554 - 01/30/11 08:29 AM Re: Demo of Tyros 4 Vocal Harmonizer (VH2) [Re: Scottyee]
leeboy Offline
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Interesting...well looks like no help to my problem.
I think my issue is not the brain/hearing connection...I think mine is crappy vocal chords and post nasel issues.

That's why I need an arranger with koller sounds!
Lee S.

#314557 - 01/30/11 08:41 AM Re: Demo of Tyros 4 Vocal Harmonizer (VH2) [Re: Scottyee]
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Aw, Lee ... look at all the GREAT singers with lousy voices out there:
Louis Armstrong
Rod Stewart
Bruce Springsteen
Bob Dylan
Jimmy Durante
So many more ..... some are not blessed with a beautiful sounding instrument, but their heart and phrasing come through and "sell" the song, just the same. A great singer is not always the one who has the best chops. Frank Sinatra is by no means the best technician, or has the strongest range ... he just surrounded himself with greatness and sang like an instrument.
Keep at it - sing with your eyes closed and your heart open .... reach deep and talk TO the audience. Another thing to remember:
Always memorize the lyrics - you can never really deliver a message with passion if you're reading it it at the same time. Read the words, out of rhythm first. Let them make sense to you, as a message. THEN - add the melody and start the phrasing. It's ALL presentation with vocals. Humility, passion and interpretation go a long way to soften weaknesses with pitch and tone. So, smile and just open your heart first .... THEN, your mouth!
Good luck!

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#314604 - 01/30/11 02:02 PM Re: Demo of Tyros 4 Vocal Harmonizer (VH2) [Re: Scottyee]
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The Tyros4 has an improved vocal harmonizer but it still leaves something to be desired in my opinion. FWIW, the only way I could get acceptable VH recordings on my Tyros1 was to eliminate extraneous noises from the mix, including noise from external speakers or other outside sources. I would wear headphones while recording and the VH settings had to be just right or there was a good chance of causing an overload to the system. The Tyros4 harmonizer seems to have fixed a lot of the distortion caused by overloading the harmonizer system it appears. I thought that the T4 demo was okay although there was a LOT of reverb added to it which gave it a hollow chamber effect which I didn't really care for. On the other hand, the Pa3X harmonizer seems to be par excellence for an onboard VH although more demos are needed to get a better idea how it stacks up against the competition.

As a comparison to the T4 Vocal Harmonizer this is a song recording I did on my Tyros1 a few years ago using its vocal harmonizer effects. PS: This is the first time I have added a file using the SynthZone File Manager so I'm not sure where it will show up once I post this. I guess we'll find out huh? laugh

On_The_Road_Again.mp3 (32 downloads)

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