Hi everyone.
An update patch for LSCP Gen has just been released. All LSCP Gen users are strongly recommended to install this update patch.

You can download the patch HERE

Update Instructions.
1: Run LSCP Gen.
2: Click on “File”
3: Click on “Update Database”
4: Select the file “update-2.01.db”
5: Press “OPEN”.
6: You are asked if you are sure you wish to update. Select “Yes”.

The update process now starts. This can take upwards of 2 minutes to complete and is fully automated. During this time please do not touch your PC. When the update has completed a message will be displayed on your screen.

Bug fixes.
1: When writing a LSCP File for a Giga Library, sometimes the file contains errors for drum kit sounds. This has now been fixed for new sounds being added to the program.

If you have experienced and still are experiencing this problem with a sample library you added prior to this update, simply select the first sound in the library and using the arrow down key on your computer keyboard go to the next sound. Repeat this process until you get to the last sound displayed on the screen. The simple act of selecting the sound will correct any errors. Please don't go too quickly when pressing the arrow down key. Pressing it twice per second is fast enough. Any quicker than that and you will not give LSCP Gen enough time to scan and correct the error for the sound selected.

2: When printing out a list of Giga sounds the contents where not displayed correctly on your printout. This is now fixed.

1: This patch contains thousands of new sounds. Installing it will update your database.
2: LSCP Gen now works faster and writes files faster.
3: Now supports up to 4TB of data making it totally future proof.

Kind Regards