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#310832 - 05/16/10 11:04 AM LSCP Gen v1.0
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Hi guys.

I'm about ready to release v1.0 of LSCP Gen so have a quick read of this and let me know if you feel something is missing that I could quickly add in this release.

New features.
1: Set as default. You can now get the program to remember your settings so that when you press “Add Patch” it does not open a blank sheet.

2: A new menu item has been added called “Task Items”. This can be used for future expansion which can automate large tasks and connect users.

3: A new function called “Scan” has been added to the “Task Items” menu. For example, if you wanted to change the contents of a field for an entire bank of 128 sounds, you can use this function to automate the entire process. It will scan all your sounds and change the contents to whatever you choose. You can also use this function to populate entire banks with content. For example, if you created 128 patches and you did not specify sound type, you can use this function to update all 128 patches in one go.

4: When adding patches to a bank and assigning the patches program numbers, LSCP Gen now notifies you if you try to assign more than one sound to the same program number.

5: Networking. A new function has been added which allows you to access LSCP Gen from more than one location on your home network & the world wide web. You can now login to your database from any PC. Run LSCP Gen on your Lionstracs keyboard for example and you can access LSCP Gen from your Windows PC or a friends PC. For share to work you must know the IP address of the PC set to share the database and share must be turned on.


#310833 - 05/16/10 01:18 PM Re: LSCP Gen v1.0
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James, thats a pretty impressive list of final release updates.

I for one, cannot think of anything else that would really make it better than it already is, and will be with those additions.



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