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#310660 - 05/11/10 12:58 AM ASIO Host
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1. Reading the sales blurb on the MS, it gives the impression that it runs Multiple ASIO drivers on one sound card, whereas you only ever need one, and a host that can connect multiple instruments to it. (Having more than one driver has no relevance, as the limitation is the sound card capabilities)

2. An ASIO driver is only required with Windows programs, and was designed by Steinberg to bypass the high latency Windows system. (The ASIO driver specifically states that only 1 dedicated driver per sound card is required to achieve maximum performance)

3. The ASIO Host you keep going on about with Jack, is nothing more than an extension of a Host (VST for instance) that can run and connect standalone programs to each other and/or the ASIO driver. (Which as the Jack system is now available for Windows, means it to can do exactly the same as the Wine version on Linux. (Linux itself like the Mac doesnt need an ASIO driver as they already have native low latency drivers)

4. Emphasize what the MS can do by all means, but dont keep posting (Or advertising) about none existent differences between your system and a Windows system. (There is no need to take pot shots at other OS, as the MS can easily stand on its own 2 feet, as well as holding its head up high)

Keep up the good work with MS, as the Groove X7 (Black) really looks the business.

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#310661 - 05/11/10 02:56 AM Re: ASIO Host

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Hi Bill
are you totally sure that this Jack windows version is working same way as Linix/Mac??
Do you have try to testing and see IF you really are able to run up more than 2 ASIO host istance?
IF really this was working, believe me that Openlab$ will bealready used...but still they have the same windows issue, ONE asio host at once...

Anyway..all is possible, I dont have time for make this Windows test, I dont care at all.
I just waiting that someone can shown this Jack windows features.
what I wil to see running in realtime:
1) Reaper
2) ableton Live
3) Forte

let me see

#310662 - 05/11/10 09:46 AM Re: ASIO Host
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JACK is system for handling real-time, low latency audio (and MIDI). It runs on GNU/Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, OS X and Windows (and can be ported to other POSIX-conformant platforms). It can connect a number of different applications to an audio device, as well as allowing them to share audio between themselves. Its clients can run in their own processes (ie. as normal applications), or can they can run within the JACK server (ie. as a "plugin"). JACK also has support for distributing audio processing across a network, both fast & reliable LANs as well as slower, less reliable WANs.
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