Hi all to X1 owners,

I have 2 problems on my x1 that need your helps.

First, there are fews style such as techno_2, Latins. If I play these styles with a lot of brass/string sound combination on my right hand for about 5 minutes, the keyboard will be crashed & freeze up. I have to reset by turn off/on the power. I can't perform live w/ these fews styles while the dance floor is packed up. It make me so nervous to play these styles :-) Is it the memory issue w/ poly sound or something ?

Second, there are few buttons on the sound selection panel got stuck up because when I try to press it down, but it still can't function. So again I have to turn off the power to reset. Well, sometimes it works again. Is it problem dues to the buttons got dirty underneath that I need to open the keyboard and clean it up ?

Lastly, this is my share opinion. X1 really have the best operating system for LIVE PERFORMANCE. X1 will be one of the classic arranger of all time !!! :-)

Please let me know your experience & advices. Thank you very much !