hey guys
we are working for the next OS update and we have found some that can fix the sampler crash.

Sometime, when you running big files and HOLD the sustain pedal, can happen that the sampler crash.
We have found that on LIONSTRACS OS system the sampler was never setting on default, with open voice+HD streaming at 760 Voice.

the sampler was crash NOT for the code bug, but for the Hardware/HD bandwich limitation.
here the linuxsampler specifications: http://www.linuxsampler.org/api/lscp-1.4.html#SET%20VOICES
and aslo look the set streaming.

Now I have include this two setting on the MS-02-device.lscp file and seem working much better with also always the sustain pedal in hold.
Here the file link update: http://www.lionstracs.com/demo/qsampler/MS-01-devices-1.lscp

added the two lines:

I think are enough for the almost MS user, IF you need more voice, add there how much you need, but then also test IF your HD/CPU can support it.

You can also editing manually this file, is located on this path:
double click the file, will be open with Kwrite, add the same text two line and SAVE the file
Restart the players and test if for you is OK.

IF you find a better voice solution ( please..not more of the Audya... ) just let me know that I will include on the new OS update.
( is a open system or not? edit two line, double your Voice sampler...to MUCH easy.. )

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