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#309926 - 07/12/06 04:58 PM My Softsynth /Software Arranger Setup
rikkisbears Offline
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my softsynth realtime arranger setups up consist of the following

Option A.
Digital Piano as controller & for playing piano melody voices
512mb , 3.06 ghz Dell Laptop
Audigy 2 NX USB Soundcard ( for loading soundfonts)
Various Banks of GM soundfonts plus assortment of synthesizer soundfonts.
OMB Realtime arranger software
Jammer Live software
BIAB software etc

Option B
as above excluding the Audigy NX 2
instead I use the following software option

Brainspawn Forte

Maple Virtual Midi Cable

Sounfont Player
LiveSynth Pro N/A

ASio4All asio driver

best wishes

I have a newer dell duo core laptop with Audigy software inbuilt. Haven't totally sorted out all the snags yet, currently I'm using it for BIAB & loading sounfonts directly.
best wishes
Rikki 🧸

SX900, P121 Piano, Band in a Box 2020
V Arranger/Ketron SD2

#309927 - 07/15/06 02:57 PM Re: My Softsynth /Software Arranger Setup
freddynl Offline
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Nice overview.
This is what's active at the moment in my home

Kurzweil K 2600S
Acces Virus C
Machine drum
Roland R8M
Roland G 800
Clavia Nordlead Rack
Akai AX60
Akai S612
Digitech Studio Vocalist
E-magic Unitor 8
Spirit Folio SX mixer

Integrated thru PC pentium III 500 (to be replaced ????? )
software used;

I do have other boards like the VR760, but I use those live in the band on stage..

Keyboards/Sound Units: Kurzweil 2600S, Roland VR-760, Acces Virus C, Roland G-800, Akai AX60, Minimoog, Machine Drum, Roland R8-M, mediastation x-76


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