Ooops.. I just realized that a couple of days ago I posted a question probably using the wrong terminology
I have a problem with the "Vocalizer" on my X1 as described below, (NOT with the "Harmonizer").
I will really appreciate any help that this experienced forum can provide.

-Within a few seconds after I start playing, the Vocalizer distorts and then starts clipping the voice and/or drops the selected effect completely.
-If I play without rythms, the Vocalizer is more resilient (lasts a little longer) but it is still unreliable.

-I thought it may be a case of mic overload but the overload warning light never goes on.
-I ran the X1 diagnostics and no errors are reported on the vocalizer.
-I have seen amessage posted here by Tom Cavanaugh (October 15, 2002) that Vocalizer problems may be due to the OS4.0a which is installed on my X1.

-Has anybody encountered similar problems with the Vocalizer ?
-Is there any workaround?
-Does anybody know if/when a new OS, (4.0b ?) will be released and if would correct the vocalizer problem if indeed it is due to OS 4.0a?

Thank you very much to Synthzone for hosting my question and to any user who can shed some light.