Sorry Nigel if I've posted this, in error, on the wrong forum.

I've been using this package for nearly two years to compose my own mixes (Disco, Trance, Techno etc.). It's very good as it also allows you mix WAVs you might have recorded from your 'board.

Anyway, my question; Does anybody have any Magix sample CDs they no longer want for whatever reason. I'm willing to pay for them plus P&P/S&H.

If anybody can help, please let me know.


PS Some news on Luce. As you may have heard they've stopped trying to identify the casualties in Sri Lanka by photos and are now having to resort to DNA testing & linking. We had hoped to have her back by this morning but she contacted us last night to let us know that she's volunteered to carry on there particuarly helping with the children and orphans (two of her best graces). I'm sure that when you think of what's happened you'll also spare a thought for the people who are doing their best to help.

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