I thought I would take an oppertunity to share with you some new sampled sounds I had created while working on a Mirage DSK (no longer own the DSK.

Feedback Piano: Hook a microphone up too your sampler, (this works best through an amp). Then trun on your nearst sounds system or powered speakers. Hold the mic close to a speaker until you get that anoying high pitched sound. Next adjust the level on your sampler, hit the sample button, while holding the mic near the speaker. Once the sound has been captured by your sampler play the sound back across the keyboard. What tou get is a nice muscial tone from the feeback. Sort of like an old electric piano.

Casio keyboards: Trying sampleing an old Casio PT keyboard into your sampler to create some even more unsual sounds.

The Cash Register Piano: The best cash register sound I found to use for this was on a Monty Python Tape "Monty Python's the Final Rip Off" There is a reall good cash register sound. It's the old style manual on with the bell and the money drawer poping out. Make sure to record the drawer poping out for a cool drum like sound. This is a good sound to play Jingle Bell's on. It is also one of my personal favorites. So try them out and let me know what you think.