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Looking for that perfect drum loop? Something fresh, maybe a little "off the wall"? Maybe you thought about using that "funky drummer" loop just one more time....
Well, before you throw down the same tired loops everyone else is using, check out Lykwyd Chykyn's "Lykwyd Loops!".
"Lykwyd Loops!" features that unique Lykwyd Chykyn sound, a fresh mix of the funky lo-fi-ness of breakbeat and the solid crispness of drum machine. Programmer Alan Moore (SpinAround) blends samples, synths, and classic drum sounds with that unique touch of Lykwyd Chykyn weirdness which truly sets these grooves apart.
Lykwyd Loops are available royalty free, and of course if you like the sound but can't quite find what you're looking for, contact the Chykyn himself, Alan Moore, for some custom-made lykwyd loops of your own.

Lykwyd Chykyn!