The DS Soundware Orchestral percussion library is the first sample library dedicated to giving composers and arrangers a true pallet of orchestral percussion sounds with capabilities unmatched by anything else available.

Due to revolutionary micing techniques, the samples were recorded with the natural acoustics of a professional hall built in thus, allowing them to instantly meld into your work with little or no vertical placement; instruments that sound like they are coming from their correct position in the ensemble, not the "in your face sounds" you are used to.

By sampling the best instruments played by professional orchestral percussionists DS Soundware ended up with the highest quality, most realistic percussion samples available. And, each instrument is provided with a vast array of performance possibilities including right and left hand snare hits for realistic rapid passages, consonant and dissonant triangle strikes to create the perfect tonal shading, tambourines with right and left hand samples, thumb rolls, shake rolls, crescendos, multiple pairs of crash cymbals with sustained crashes, choked crashes and scrapes, suspended cymbal rolls, crescendos, mallet hits, stick hits, chokes, bells and scrapes, mallet instruments and timpani with multiple mallet choices and all velocity switched allowing incredibly realistic dynamic changes. Also included is a great collection of exotic percussion; wind chimes, thunder sheet, almglocken, ratchet, finger cymbals, clay chimes, bamboo chimes, porch chimes, Chinese bells, Chinese bowl, Chinese nipple gong and anvil are all available.

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Donnie Christian
DS Soundware