1. GenieSys Voice L.C., a brand new manufacturer of high quality sounds and musical software, announced the start of Internet sales operations at http://www.genevoice.com and the introduction of a number of new sound bank collections.
2. GenieSys Voice L.C. introduced a universal multi style General MIDI bank GenieVoice 64GM Pro in SF2 format. GenieVoice 64GM Pro contains two-in-one a standard GM banks of 128 instruments and 10 drum sets.
To establish reliable FTP based delivery of large sound banks and make order processing fully Internet enabled, GenieSys Voice L.C. successfully introduced a special technique of archiving of large sound files called AudioCollapse RatHole© (patent pending). The average compression ratio for SF2, GIG, WAV, AIFF, BUN file formats is from 36% to 78%.
3. The other direction where GenieSys Voice L.C. claims to establish its brand is development of professional musical software. A number of audio DirectX and MIDI FX plug-ins, a sample editor of new generation SampleRatv1.0 and a revolutionary dynamic SF2 loader SF2 SB Dyn!.

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