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#305600 - 08/03/01 01:25 PM sequencing with the DX100

Hi. I need help!!! I recently bought a sequencer, and one of the features of this sequencer is multichannel programming. What I want to do is this: I have a yamaha DX100, which of course has 16 different MIDI channels. I want to program a variety of sequences into my sequencer, and assign each sequence to a different channel. Then, I was hoping to assign different voices in my synth to receive the information from the various channels in my sequencer, so that I can achieve a multitimbral (multi voice) performance, all coming from the one synth. I have read the manual for the DX100, but it really doesn't tell me how to do this. I really want to figure out how to get a multi timbral (multi channel) performance from my DX100. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

#305601 - 08/04/01 10:50 PM Re: sequencing with the DX100
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The DX-100 isn't capable of multitimbral playback. That was only something that came about in the late 80s. The DX-100 is capable of some good sounds, but only ever one at a time.


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