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#305458 - 01/29/00 08:29 PM the source of my midi latency [mac][vst]
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To whom it may concern:

I'm fairly new to the world of midi and computer music (not to mention usergroups),and had a few questions regarding midi latency. I use a MAC running the 8.6 os, Cubase 4.1 and use a USB midi interface (midisport) using oms 2.6. When I program drums (with DMpro) in Cubase and use my ASR-10 as a trigger, upon playback, the drums play off beat and I know that my timimg is'nt that bad!!!

Whats the source of this latency? Is it my mac os, midi interface, ASR-10, drum module, cubase, or OMS? Or a combination of them all? Are their any effective means of minimizing latency within cubase or anywhere else? Maybe a midi utility or hardware?

I would'nt like to use too much quantization and would rather hear an accurate representaion of exactly how I played. Am I asking for too much or am I within reach of a solution?



P>S> As a sidebar, does anyone know if having norton anti virus and stuffit expander running in the background affect midi communication. And, what type of midi message should'nt I use while a song from the device is playing?

#305459 - 02/03/00 02:47 AM Re: the source of my midi latency [mac][vst]
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Maybe, your synth is 'overloaded'. You can try to thin out controllers or set a delay on each track, so there are not many events on the same tick.


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