I am having a very frustrating problem between Cubase (MAC) and my Yamaha S80 keyboard. I'm not sure how to explain this problem, so I think it's best I just provide an example of what happens:
for instance, if i make a voice selection for channel (x), channel (x) does get properly changed, but channel 1 is also changed to the same voice I selected for channel (x). and playing from the keyboard produces both voices at the same time. In other words, channel 1 is always included, whether I'm sending data to another channel, or just playing the keyboard.
So it seems that any information from Cubase to the keyboard is automatically being sent to channel 1, along with whatever channel I'm actually working with.
Does anybody have a solution for this? Could it actually be something in the OMS? I'm at my wits end fiddling with various parameters and such. I just cannot figure it out. Please help!

Thanks in advance!