Just scroll down to the bottom of this screen and you will see real moving pictures thanks to Larry Hawks and Nigel. These pictures are of the members of the syntzone that put them op on the fragger program larry set up. You want to see what the dude you are talking to looks like then just click on his picture, and it will enlarge and show his name and comments.
If you want your name and picture there just write to Larry Hawks and he will help you do this. Larry usually posts in the Technics forum and sometimes in the Bar and general arranger forums. You can email me and I can put you in touch with Larry. I don't believe in putting email names and addresses in posts because the web crawlers pick them up and then you get tons more of spam.
I just took another look and here is what you can do.
Just click on any of the pictures at the bottom of this forum and that picture will enlarge but also there you can click on add your self. So you are on your own

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