I have a problem with the Harmonizer on my X1 Oriental.

-Within a few seconds since I start playing, the harmonizer starts distorting and then drops in and out of the selected effect or completely.
-If I play without rhytms, the harmonizer is more resilient (lasts longer) but it is still unreliable.

-I thought it may be a case of mic overload but the overload warning light never goes on.
-I ran the X1 diagnostics and no errors are reported on the vocalizer.
-I have seen some messages posted here that harmonizer problems may be due to the OS4.0a which is installed on my X1.

-Has anybody encountered similar problems with the harmonizer?
-Is there any workaround?
-Will the new OS 4.0b correct the problem if indeed it is due to OS 4.0a?
-When will the new release be out?