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#304879 - 11/22/05 03:21 PM TYROS vs MOTIF or...something else??

Hello everyone ! i am new here and also dosent understand too much about keyboards(i have just sold my Old yamaha EL-25 Organ) in order to get something more ...proffesional ?
i record music and has been recently working with soundfonts and all , i have heard the sound of yamaha tyros and i just wanted to know couple of things - it would be kind of you to share your knowledge with me.

Actually what is better ?? Motif6/7/8 Or Tyros2? what is the diffrence ??
would a tyros sound good if i record it and make a whole song using it ? or is the motif meant for that....

i have no idea what to buy or what actually is the diffrence ! :!

also , is there any other keyboard brands anyones recommending ?
Ok thats all my buggy questions for now . !

#304880 - 11/23/05 08:58 PM Re: TYROS vs MOTIF or...something else??
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you're talking about 2 completely different types of keyboards. An arranger keyboard like a Tyros has built in styles ie you play melody with right hand, left hand plays chords & you get a full backing in the style of your choice anything from a waltz to rockn'roll to Latin.

With a motiff you basically record your own music track by track ie you record drums, then bass then piano etc etc. You build your song from scratch.

Not a terribly good explanation , but it gives you an idea of the differences.
Tyros is an arranger keyboard. Motiff is a synthesizer workstation.

best wishes
[QUOTE]Originally posted by ofer171:
best wishes

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#304881 - 11/24/05 11:28 PM Re: TYROS vs MOTIF or...something else??

Thank you very much ...ive been reading a bit latley on the Arranger/workstation subject ...
i guess im a workstation kinda guy -> But ! .. The motif interface is sooo unfriendly compared to the VGA colored Easy alotaa buttons Tyors/Psr's styles

i was at the music store for 4 hours
sittin 2 hours waiting to play the motif , and the other 2 actually doing it -> and i couldnt figure out how to operate many of the functions too much buttons/Not so friendly interface/B&W Alpha numeric LCD/missing some explantion ... :[

#304882 - 11/25/05 01:12 AM Re: TYROS vs MOTIF or...something else??
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The Arranger keyboard developed from the Electronic Organ (Electone) and is essentially a single keyboard version, compared to your EL 25 however, things have moved on since this was produced, both in Arrangers and Organs (Electones) and so you now get more of everything that you were used to with your EL 25.
Point to note is that most people that have changed over to Arranger keyboards from Organ (Electone) usually add a Pedal board after a short time otherwise there left foot does not know what to do.
A Workstation is more a production/Group machine rather then OMB, although these days the differences are beginning to blur.
Hope this helps.

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#304883 - 11/25/05 01:21 AM Re: TYROS vs MOTIF or...something else??
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ofer171. Take a look at the video's of Roland Fantom X6.X7 & X8. I think you will find they have a more user friendly OS


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