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#304797 - 01/31/07 05:51 PM Yamaha PSR-8000 loop creation
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I have a Yamaha PSR8000. When I make loops of say, 2 to 4 bars, whenever I play in the bass phrase it always comes out sounding nothing like the one I played in.

I notice in the manual that it says it always defaults to not Cm.

It tends to play back the bass line in adifferent key too.

I know I'm doing something something wrong but I don't what.

Anybody do custom loops ? For say, blues songs where you want repeating phrases ?

If so how do you do it?

Just can't get my head around what it says in the manual.....

Thanks in advance..

#304798 - 02/09/07 05:11 AM Re: Yamaha PSR-8000 loop creation
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sorry i wasnt able to get back to you over the weekend. My keyboard was at my brothers. He will bring it back this weekend. Do you still need the help ? FRom what i recollect you have to play fairly basic baselines on any arranger because it has to folow the chords that you play. so if you play a base line that changes key or wanders through several chords then it will sound odd if you play the chord and change chords part way through the progression. If you play a minor chord or diminished chord the bass line will try to fit in the appropriate notes that would suit that scale. If you played a bassline that was inconsistent nwith lets say a minor scale the arranger will force it to fit in the scale thus altering the bass line that you may have intended.

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