I have been playing around with the T2 voice creator using WAV samples with much success. I have been trying to come up with an appropriate sound/layer of sound for the intro to "Man I feel Like a Woman". You know that opening Brass Riff?

Here is what I did:

1. Loaded the MP3 of the song into Cool Edit Pro 2000

2. Converted the section with the Riff to a Wav File

3. copied to the WAV file to the T2 hard disk

4. Went into Voice Creator and imported the WAV file.

5. Adjusted the Volume from 127 to 80, adjusted the Touch so that you don't have to press the keys very hard to for full volume.

6. Saved the New Voice.

7. Went into Custom Voices, using the Voice created above, I created a new user voice and tweaked the EQ, DSP, etc.

8. I now have that sample as a voice called; "Feel Like a woman".

I now need to add more memory to my T2, since I have run out of memory when I try to use more elements.

It actually sounds pretty cool, just like the recording!!!

It is hosted over at SVPWorld: