Hi,I have just bought an used QY700. Seems an excellent, capable sequencer/arranger...I have tried it on it's own and seems to me that it works great. However,I then connected my M-audio Keystation 61 controller keyboard,and when I play whatever sound and I press the keys harder,the sustain cuts off!
Any idea? I have already set the 'echo back' function of the QY, to 'rec monitor'. But I think I am leaving out some other settings...
actually,it does not happen all the time,when I press the keys harder. It seems to happen at random...the sustain of the notes just cut off abruptly,even though I keep the keys pressed. I think it's rather strange! Could it be some settings? I have done a full system reset both on the QY and on the Keystation...no change.
Do you know of some QY700 forums?