Tyros1 owners will notice that on T2, that the OTS buttons (1-4) have been moved to a much more conveniently accessible location: right above the keys. This should make 'on the fly' OTS changes , while playing, a lot easier. The Audio Recording buttons now reside where the T1 OTS buttons used to be. In addition, the tyros 'DEMO' button, which was located just to the right of the LCD Screen on T1, has been moved on the T2, right next to the power on/off button (upper left side of T2). On T1, there were times in which I acccidently pressed it, which caused the demo song to being playing, even if I was in the middle of performing another song in auto accomp mode. I'm hoping that the relocation of this button on T2 will help prevent this kind of thing from happening. - Scott