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#30378 - 02/26/05 07:03 AM Midjay Questions
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I am having trouble saving my settings to the power up mode on my mid jay. AJ had told me you had to be back at the C:/ root directory when you go to save the settings, but that doesn't seem to work. Occassionaly it will work, but I have no idea why. Has anyone solved this puzzle?

Also, My digitech vocalist has been acting strange. Sometimes it will work sometimes it won't. I have tried different cables so that's not the problem. The settings on the midjay stay the same so that's not the problem either. Could it be I have a Hanging situation or a leftover situation? By that I mean, I have all my vocalist instructions on Ch 16. Not every song has vocalist instructions and some use ch 16 for instruments. Could a non-vocalist midi, using ch 16, be screwing up the vocalist so that the next midi I play, that has vocalist instructions, won't work? This is what I suspect is happening. Anyone have any opinions on this? Do I need to insert a GM reset at the beginning and end of ch. 16 on every file or just the files that have the vocalist instructions? Any advice is appreciated.

#30379 - 02/27/05 02:58 PM Re: Midjay Questions
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To make sure you have saved the power on settings in the right place, go to WAVE (C:\Wave should be displayed on the top right part of the screen). Now press EXIT to go to the root directory. Press EDIT and select GLOBAL VIEW - this permits you to view ALL file types within any folder. Now check and see if you have the MACHINE.INI file within the root directory ... along with the other Master Folders (Wave, MP3, MIDI ... etc).
You have to be in the root directory prior ot saving the Power on Seting (Machine.ini) file. If you save it in any other directory,it won't work!
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