Hello all,

I've got a problem with my Discover5 since 2 days. When I play some midifiles sequences, and when I play on the keyboard some part, sometimes some notes hang on. Whereas sequences worked well before.
And if I don't play on the keyboard, the notes don't hang ! So, it seems it isn't a problem with my sequence.

More, I've noticed that when I turn on my Discover5, it loads first the song database (Song Database checking ...) and secondly the user programs (User Programs Database checking ...).
I've the impression that the loading sequence has been changed, because, before it loaded the user program database before song database.

Could anyone who own a discover5 check this and give me the loading order of databases (songs before user programs, or user programs before songs).

Notice that I've the V1.0.1 upgrade (since 6 months) and it worked well.