Maybe somebody can help me...

I am a proudly owner of the G-1000 and I have some questions about G-1000's ZIP drive.

* Is better to leave the disk in drive each time I turn off my G-1000, or to pull out and insert only when drive in use? (In this case there is a risk of losing data on disk by reception of magnetical fields when disk is out of drive.)

* If my ZIP stays in the drive all the time, can its mechanics become malfunctioning after a long time?

* When I transport my G-1000 with ZIP inside in, is it dangerous for head of the drive, which stays in access position even after the G-1000 is turned off?

Generally, my question is - to unmount drive before each turn off, or no?
Thanks in advance!

(P.S. Sorry for my english...i hope you can understand it)