Hi to all,
I am new to this forum and am very glad to communicate with some other Roland users.
I am a happy (very) VA-7 owner, loving sounds, styles and ergonomy altogether. But besides 98% of happiness there are some small *singularities* that far from real disturbance, do annoy a bit.
The most significant to me is when VA-7 notes OFF all sounds commanded by an external sequencer (say Cubase) after aproximately a second, when no other note is played in meantime.
No problem, for example, for an arrangement with a busy drum track where gaps between notes never exceed the second. The machine seems to be constantly "reactivated" and all long notes on other tracks are normally sustained. The problem appears with a string pad played solo. After a second all notes are OFF. This occurs only with notes imported via MIDI IN. No problem with internal sequencer or internal midi file.
I am curious if other people experience the same problem. I bought my VA-7 from a second hand and sometimes guessing if my synth is not simply a buggy one.
Any comments?