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#303200 - 07/06/06 08:59 PM Roland EXR-7s or Korg PA50
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Greeting Everyone,

First time here. I currently have a Roland Fantom X6. However, I played electronic organ before, and really misseded the way of organ playing, ie with both hands and feet, as my Technics orgen been gone for many years.
Recently, I just found that there were some types of midi pedal keyboard available. So, I am thinking... if I get another keyboard and a pedal keyboard, then I can play organ again.

In searching of my second keyboard, preferably arranger type, I zeroed down to Roland EXR-7s and Korg PA50. Is anyone who has experience with these two?
I like that EXR-7s has 76 keys, but PA50 seems have more feature.
Also, PA50 was made in China, anyone knows where EXR-7s was made?
Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

#303201 - 07/13/06 04:10 AM Re: Roland EXR-7s or Korg PA50
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Firstly the EXR-7s is made in Italy I presume as this is Korg Europe. Might be built elsewhere since a lot of electronics are subbed out to Chinese Assembly plants.

I have an EXR-7 and PA80. The PA80 has a few more functions than the PA50 but has a lot in common. I don't like the buttons on the PA50 - rubber chicklet type. The only differences on the EXR-7 and EXR-7s is USB midi out, a larger flash memory and it is black on the EXR-7s.

Operationally I prefer the EXR7 to the Korg as I like the Piano mode for arranger playing. This basically means I can play like a pianist and still have a full accompaniment playing. On chord inversions i.e. D/F# the bass will follow the F# in this mode. The PA80 - not sure on the PA50 -will do this but you have to make sure the Bass inversion and full keyboard mode are set each time - the EXR does this by default. Also as a pianist I like the extra keys. I never feel quite at home with 61 keys. Stylewise both boards have some good styles and some not so good. The PA80 - again not sure on the PA50 - does allow style editing while the EXR-7 does not. I have not found this too limiting however as there are many styles available for download for other Roland arrangers that will work on the EXR-7s. There is a style compiler for the GW-7 which will allow you to make styles for the EXR-7 on a computer and then download to the flash memory using USB.

The EXR-7s has a cover function which will allow 5 different instrumentations to each style. This can be useful as the Roland only has two variations to each style and allows more variation while playing. If this is also used in conjunction with the Drum/Bass-Combo-Full modes you basically have 30 variations per style.

In practice I usually default to the EXR-7 but when playing I have both keyboards racked for the extra options. If I had to make a decision between the two keyboards - EXR-7s and PA50 I would tend to favour the EXR.




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