Greeting Everyone,

First time here. I currently have a Roland Fantom X6. However, I played electronic organ before, and really misseded the way of organ playing, ie with both hands and feet, as my Technics orgen been gone for many years.
Recently, I just found that there were some types of midi pedal keyboard available. So, I am thinking... if I get another keyboard and a pedal keyboard, then I can play organ again.

In searching of my second keyboard, preferably arranger type, I zeroed down to Roland EXR-7s and Korg PA50. Is anyone who has experience with these two?
I like that EXR-7s has 76 keys, but PA50 seems have more feature.
Also, PA50 was made in China, anyone knows where EXR-7s was made?
Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,