Hi, I have a KN6000, which I like apart from it not having a sampler or cheap HD.

I notice the VA7 has zip drive and variphase, & i could get it for mine + 250GBP. I have a quite few Qs, if you can answer any it would be much appreciated:

1. The Roland spec says the variphase is only 4 notes polyphonic, can you use the sampler for non-vocal with more notes polyphonic? How does it compare to PSR9000 sampler or standalone units like A4000?

2. The sound momory is 48MB compared to 32MB on KN but there is 3600ish sounds approx 2 times the KN squashed in many of which I believe might be duplicated. What is the quality like? I've heard the EM2000 and thought that was OK. Important sounds are piano,organs,strings,and soloist like flute trumpet guitar oboe clarinet which KN seems to excel at.

3. How good are the styles? I know that they are 8 part like Kn but only has 1 intro/ending. When using one-touch the Kn sets up the LH, and RH1/2 sounds which can be accessed using the conductor, does VA have this facility?

Sorry for so many Qs but the Roland site is so vague!

Thanks in advance

Tony Harbour.
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